Why Us

Exceeding your expectations.

Propcore uses its expertise, contacts and knowledge to give you the best. Well, actually, more than the best. Right property, right location, right deal, right now! That's our business idea.

Stress Free Property Search

When you rely on us, we won’t let you down. We have a team that is constantly on the move for your requirements. So, just sit back and relax.


Sometimes, you don’t get what you want. Propcore will never let that happen. Our advisors first understand your need and then shortlist properties. So two plus two, four. It’s that simple.

Save Time

Propcore does all the work for you while you sit down and make use of that time for something else. Simply because, time is money for you. And you are precious to us

Not Agents

There are no mediators. Either it’s for you or us. That way, people are dedicated. So we have a team that works with us. And we work for you. Hope you get the drift….

Free Sevice

Some do it for a fee, and some do it for free. We believe in assisting you for free. Like we said in the beginning, we build relationships.

How it Works

We have a simple process to make the home buying process easy. This is what we are about:

  • 1


    Break the ice: We understand you and your requirements. It's easier that way.

  • 2

    Search & Shortlist

    Hit the bull’s eye: Zero in on properties that fit the bill.

  • 3

    Comparison & Analasys

    Mix and match: We analyse compare properties and then arrive at a conclusion.

  • 4

    Site Visit

    Seeing is believing:
    We take you for site visits, show you around and keep our ears wide open.

  • 5


    An offer you can’t refuse: The best deal! Need we say more?